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Missional Learning in the Digital Age

e-Learning for Faith & Mission

Uniting Teachers and Learners

In a world where being the church has never been more difficult, Christians are challenged to adapt rapidly to new opportunities with new ministry skills and methods. Many groups and individuals have responded by creating online learning. CHURCHx invites them into a single, unified platform where learners and educators both benefit from shared access to a university-grade learning website built around the needs of Christian communities.

What We Offer

  • Multiple institutions representing diverse approaches and resources
  • Multiple types of courses including self-paced, instructor-led, group-based, and more
  • Multiple ways you can develop your ministry in a Post-COVID, Post-Christendom context
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CHURCHx is a Campus with Many Schools

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Unlike commercial, generic online teaching platforms, CHURCHx was built from the ground-up as a non-profit social enterprise to resource diverse church institutions. Versatility was engineered into our project from day-one, so we can support virtually any learning methodology you can ask for (including registration/ticketing for in-person events, one-off webinars, multi-course programmes of study, perpetual learning communities, and more). What’s more, we have developed custom solutions to integrate into other data systems. So, if you want to track learner completion of mandatory training, for example, we have a solution for that. If you want to automatically invite learners to join your newsletter, we do that, too. We are dedicated to supporting institution and independent scholars with the best technology for online teaching available.

More than just another Learning Management System, CHURCHx can be your solution to sell almost anything online. Your offerings appear in your own customized catalog, but also appear alongside other partners as our vast learning community benefits from the critical mass of interested learners.

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Unified Audience
  • Diverse partners bring diverse audiences together
  • Learners go on self-directed journeys of discovery
  • Sharing space on a single platform forms critical mass of people and resources
  • University-grade LMS supporting all online methodologies and tools
  • Beyond enrollments: sell anything including tickets, physical objects, consulting time, and more
  • We host “free” courses, too, at a rate far below our competitors
Easy to Use
  • CHURCHx handles the technology— you can focus on teaching
  • Learning and teacher technical support
  • Instructional Designers available to help develop content
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