No Cause for Despair: Finding Holy Joy and Vocation in the Midst of Secularization

Hear insights from Dr. Stefan Paas, Dutch theologian and missiologist

Has the deep secularisation of Western societies led to the disappearance of God, or is it a journey through which God guides people towards new discoveries and a renewed dependence on grace? Join Dr. Stefan Paas, renowned author and expert on church planting and mission, as he explores this profound question, shedding light on whether secularisation signifies God's absence or a new path to divine understanding.

In this compelling live recording from his event in Toronto on May 7, 2024, Dr. Paas presents two enlightening talks and engaging breakout sessions based on his insightful book "Pilgrims and Priests: Christian Mission in a Post-Christian Society." With a blend of practical insights from mission work in highly secular contexts and a thorough analysis of biblical, historical, sociological, theological, and spiritual sources, Dr. Paas offers a hopeful and realistic perspective on missional identity amidst the challenges of the secular West.

Recordings of the live session held on May 7, 2024 at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto are available to watch. Click the course below!